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   During the weather-friendly months of each year the NHMC organizes mineral and fossil collecting field trips in Connecticut and occasionally in neighboring states as well. These trips generally involve obtaining access permission from private land owners, businesses, or state/local government agencies. All of these land-owners are concerned about liability-insurance risks and about keeping their property clean. As such participation in all NHMC Field Trips requires compliance with the following conditions:

- Only members of the New Haven Mineral Club can participate.

- All participants are required to act in accordance with the EFMLS Code of Ethics.

- All participants are required to respect any specific conditions and restrictions imposed by each specific land-owner.


Photos from 2016

Calli, Leigh, and Ray

Bordonero Quarry

HAVEY QUARRY    Poland, Maine   Field Trip August 21 2016

Pics From Jade Smith       Pics from Art Doyle


Photos from 2015


Hewitt Smokeys from Jacob Zonderman


Tourmaline Havey Quarry

1998 - 2012 
Photos        2011 West Redding   Photos       2012 Clark Hill  Photos

   To prevent spending the summer in a plaster cast of some sort, all of us will benefit by following some basic rules, and properly prepared equipment will make each excursion more enjoyable. Be sure you have permission to collect at any site. Never collect near vertical walls, overhangs, edges of cliffs, unstable shelves, or any other dangerous areas, whether posted or not. Be aware of those above and below you, to avoid accidents from falling rocks. Leave each site as you found it. Gates should be left open or closed according to how they were found, unless otherwise directed. Litter and garbage should be removed. Check that you have all tools you brought along. Safety goggles or glasses, and a hard hat should be worn for personal safety. Sturdy gloves provide protection from sharp-edged rocks. Wear suitable clothing, and footware. Insect repellent is needed for collecting in some areas, and a first-aid kit is essential on all field trips. Hot weather, a heavy bucket and pack can lead to trouble. Avoid overheating, and bring plenty of water. Please have an enjoyable, and safe Field Trip Season. From The field: Art Doyle

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