Nov  2016  -  Speaker Program    Judy Schuster     Silversmith
                                                          Bob Schuster       Lapidarist

"Gemstone Enhancements, Synthetics, and Fakes: Know What You Are Buying"
   Almost every gemstone now offered for sale has been enhanced.  Which treatments are considered “industry standard”?  Which are fraudulent?  How do you know what you are buying?  download pdf

Peabody Museum David Friend Hall of Minerals Opening October 23 2016

Pictured L - R  Tom Benedict Pres. Meriden Mineral Club, Judy Schuster, Art Doyle Pres. New Haven Mineral Club,
Bob Jones, Stephan Blake Pres. Bristol Mineral Club, Bob Schuster newly elected Pres. Meriden Mineral Club, and Harold Moritz.  Photo - Art Doyle


  Bob Schuster's



Howie Dobrint's  "BEAR"   1933gm  1.93k Campo del Ceilo Meteorite

Photos from an informative evening presented by  Dan Record
 at our monthly meeting October 13, 2014
METEORITES 101   By Dan Record

Dan shares a close up look at a Meteorite from Chelyabinsk

Russian Meteorite
(shell-ya binsk)

Chelyabinskaya oblast’, Russia
Fell: 15 Feb 2013; 3:22 UT
Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL5)

METEORITES 101   By Dan Record

    Dan will present an introduction to the study of meteorites - using a classroom environment format.  Through discussions, demonstrations, and photographs that you will be able to “take home and keep” Dan will discuss the science behind the study of meteorites - from a physics perspective.  He will also discuss the various types of meteorites, and provide you with the opportunity to see “up front and close” some exceptional “complete meteorites” from his collection.
Dan Record is a retired physics instructor who has spent over 40 years conducting lectures and seminars, throughout the United States, relative to the Apollo missions to the Moon; the Apollo Lunar Sample Collection; the acquisition and study of meteorites; and the past and future exploration of Mars.  Along the way, Dan’s teaching accomplishments have been recognized by several honors including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching - from President Reagan - and the National Educator Award.
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